The fire service is one of the most diverse and challenging professions out there today.  It is this diversity that inspires most men and women to want to be a part of the fire service.  Imagine having to train to prepare yourself to cope with situations which range from building fires to hazardous material spills to vehicle accidents, and almost any imaginable emergency in between.  This diversity is coupled with the fact that these skills will be needed at any time of day, 365 days a year, in any kind of weather, and very often under extremely stressful and emotional circumstances.  These challenges contribute to this profession being extremely personally rewarding.

This business is NOT for everyone.  You need more than a desire to help people.  You need courage, dedication, assertiveness, and a willingness to learn new skills and face new challenges.  Additionally, you need to have the time to devote to this lifestyle. This includes but in no way is limited to training drills, company business meetings, emergency calls, truck checks/washes, regular truck/building maintenance, etc.

This is not a job, or even a passion; it is a lifestyle.

Think you have what it takes to be a NCVFC Station 2 member but have questions before applying? Send an email to and a member of our Executive Board will get back you as soon as possible.

So you're ready to join the ranks? Here's some basic information and responsibilities:

Who Can Join? - We welcome men and women of at least 18 years of age that have been residents of Hazlet Township for at least 6 months.  Although all residents are welcome to apply, if you live in Station 1 or Station 3's primary response area it is encouraged you join their organization.

How does the Application Process Work? - Simply stop by the station and pick up an application from any member (the best time to stop by would be Thursday nights around 1900-2000 hours) or feel free to complete the form located at the bottom of this page.  Once you fill out the application you will contact our Executive Board chairman who will schedule an in-person meeting with you along with the rest of the Executive Board.  In this interview-style meeting the Executive Board will review your application with you and ask any additional questions they may have (Why do you want to join, What do you expect to get out of joining, What can you contribute to the company, etc.).  Additionally, all the expectations, rules, and regulations will be explained at this time.  These include but are not limited to our company by-laws, percentage requirements, expected behavior in and outside of the station, etc.  Once this meeting concludes the applicant will have been provided a blank physical form wherein he/she must schedule an appointment with a given physician (at no cost to the applicant) and have a basic physical as well as a breathing analysis test performed. Additionally, the applicant will be provided with and expected to fill out another form relating to the New Jersey Fireman's Association. Once the applicant does this, he/she will contact the Executive Board chairman and give these forms to him/her.  The applicant will then be brought up during the monthly Board of Fire Commissioners meeting for induction into the company.

What Happens After That? - Congratulations!! You are now a probationary firefighter.  At this time you will be issued gear and a company pager (both of which are property of the fire company for the life of the equipment) and will then be expected to begin coming to monthly business meetings, truck checks/washes, hall/garage details, and emergency calls.  The more you show your face around the station the faster you will learn names, apparatus, equipment, etc.  At this time you will receive an in-house training course on Blood Borne Pathogens, as well as courses on the company standard operating guidelines (SOGs), Right to Know (RTK), as well a mask fit test.  You will serve one year as a probationary member.  During this time you are NOT allowed to use any form of emergency lighting in your personal car to get to the station.  Additionally, you are not entitled to any perk that active members have.  During this time as a probationary member, you will attend a 156 hour Firefighter I class at an approved fire academy.  We realize that everyone operates on different work/home schedules, but we can assure you that there is a class that will fit yours.  Upon graduation of fire academy and successfully passing the New Jersey State Firefighter I test you will be officially and formally certified as a firefighter in the state.  Usually around this time your one year probationary period is coming to a close; a truly exciting time!  Once this one year period is up and the fire/company officers deem your skills and attitude acceptable your orange probationary shield will be replaced with an active firefighter's black shield, you will be issued a building key, and you will be able to submit a form allowing the use of emergency blue lights in your personal vehicle to be used ONLY when responding to a call.

So What if I'm Not 18 Years of Age Yet? - We welcome all young men and women ages 14-17 into our Explorer Firefighter Program.

What Does it Mean to be a Firefighter Explorer? - This program was instituted by Station 2 as a training program for young men and women interested in serving their community who are interested in the fire service and might want to become firefighters at the age of 18.

That Sounds Cool! Tell Me More!! - As a NCVFC Station 2 fire explorer you can expect to have alot of fun!  You will serve as a support role to active firefighters in the time of actual emergencies, performing various tasks on the fireground as seen safe by the senior fire officer on scene.  It is important to step back and say that you WILL NOT AT ANY TIME be entering a fire or any IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health) atmosphere.  You will primarily be assisting firefighters on scene by getting them various tools, changing their air bottles, helping clean up after a scene, etc.  But don't get discouraged just yet!  NCVFC Station 2 fire explorers have their own leaders who are NCVFC Station 2 senior firefighters who set up regular training drills on anything the explorers want to learn or think is "cool" in the fire service. Whether it be advancing hoselines in the back of the station to being blindfolded and expected to find and remove a "victim" in a room, we like to have fun while training.

Okay This is Definitely Something I'm Interested In. How Do I Apply? - Simply fill out the form below!  A leader of the program will be in contact with you as soon as possible to get the ball rolling. Or if you're in the area, feel free to stop by the station, check out the apparatus, and pick up an application!

What Happens After I Have My Application Filled Out? - Simply contact any one of the fire explorer leaders to get started.  They will then set up a meeting with you and your parents to discuss how everything works, any and all rules and regulations, and any other questions or concerns you or your parents may have. After that you will take in-house courses in Blood Borne Pathogens, Right to Know (RTK), an overview of our company, how we work, and what we expect from our fire explorers, as well as a mask fit test.  After you've completed all that we'll train you on the apparatus, the tools, and what we do.  After an initial orientation period of usually around 3 months, you'll be trained enough to start riding the apparatus, and more importantly, having fun!!

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